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Kokodama Open Hurricane Terrarium

Kokodama Open Hurricane Terrarium

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Join us for a fun evening of Kokodama Terrarium building with Blue Bamboo, expect the class to last 1.5 - 2 hours.  You will learn how to make your very own Kokodama,  also known as a "poor mans Bonsai"  the art of Japanese Moss Balls, translated Koke means Moss & Dama means "ball" and it's a very strong plant decor trend currently.  Typically easier to maintain than the average Bonsai Tree, more organic than Bonsai planters and a whole lot cheaper.

What makes Kokodama different from other hanging plants is the lack of the pot.  The plants root are trapped tightly in soil and wrapped in moss to restrict growth and retain moisture.  We will show you a range of plants and it's your choice which you choose to create your work of art.  A definite talking point for your house, and you'll have the skill to go on and create many more for your home. 

We will do a short demonstration showing the steps on how to create the Kokodama and set it in it's terrarium with other plants and be on hand to assist you in making your own to take home. Everything you need will be included, you can let your creative side flourish, using your fine motor skills to their full potential, however help will be on hand if needed.  Just bring along an apron as this one can get messy!

The vase will be a glass vase/hurricane but may not be the exact same as picture shown but will be of similar size & value. 

What's Included A glass of Prosecco, Tea, Coffee & Cake.Everything needed to make a fully built Terrarium.10% discount on shop products purchased on the evening. 

Cancellation Policy Should you need to cancel your booking, then changes can be made giving us two weeks notice and a full refund will be made.  This then gives us some time to offer the place to someone else, after this a refund cannot be made unfortunately.  Numbers are limited to 8 for each workshop as they are held in the shop. Discount of 10% if any purchases are made from the shop during the event.  

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