You will learn all about these little joys of ecosystems durning your workshop and how best to maintain them afterwards.  We will show you a range of plants and explain which ones work best in the environment there are going in and why. 

    We will do a short demonstration showing the steps on how to create the terrarium and be on hand to assist you in building your own to take home and watch grow.


    Our wreaths are a little different from the norm, we use succulents and sempervivums, which with minimal care can last for many months, even years.  Just change the finishing touches with the seasons.  It truly is something to be proud of when you leave.  

    You will be guided through the wreath making process step by step in this group making workshop.  Fragrant and seasonal foliage with pine, eucalyptus, berries and baubles.  You will be shown how to assemble and fix your design.   


    These will run durning the spring & early summer as this gives your plant the best chance of survival after potting-on.  They will run for approximately 1 hour & will cover many care related topics, including how and when to water, feeding, types of compost and why are they all so different and the dreaded PESTS!