Invigorate bland interiors with indoor plant rental

Here, at Blue Bamboo, we provide a comprehensive indoor commercial plant rental scheme. After design and installation, we develop an adaptable maintenance plan to ensure your indoor plants continue to thrive without you having to lift a finger.

If you'd like to bring some outside life into your workplace interiors, we'd love to help you. Get in touch for a free consultation and quote today!

  • Improve Air Quality

    Indoor air quality is essential to creating a happy, healthy workplace for your staff. However, it’s been estimated that a staggering 300 pollutants inhabit the typical office. Incredibly, just one indoor office plant for every square metre of space can remove most, if not all toxins that could disrupt health or productivity.

  • Promote wellbeing & reduce stress

    Numerous studies have demonstrated the mental health benefits of indoor plants. Not only can plants boost the mood of your team by reducing stress and improving concentration, but indoor plants for offices also increase productivity and creativity. This all leads to a workplace that feels more effective and welcoming.

  • Add some visual interest

    A bland office space does little to engage employees and clients. The green presence of indoor office plants can add interest and sustainable appeal to your interior styling, so why not incorporate these elements while taking full advantage of the health-boosting and stress-relieving properties too?


Why hire indoor plants rather than buy them?

It’s wise to invest in indoor office plants for the benefits above and more, but it can be risky to buy plants that may or may not suit the space. Hiring indoor plants with us and using our interior plant service simplifies and improves plant choice, design, and maintenance.

Here's Why:

  • Hiring for indoor office plants with us gives you access to the latest in interior plant trends, including both plant types and pots or planters.
  • Our experts will assess your office or business spaces to identify suitable species. Instead of looking half-dead and deflated, your plants will thrive.
  • We use interior design knowledge to strategically position your indoor office plants for space and aesthetics. Plus, it’s one less thing on your to-do list.
  • There’s no need to remember when to water and how much, or how to trim and dust your indoor office plants. We take care of all maintenance for you, from start to finish, to ensure that you get to enjoy the best indoor office plants for your workspace.
  • Reach Out

    Contact us however you like, email, chat, phone or socials, we are happy to have an informal conversation prior to booking a site visit to establish your needs. From here we can advise you on our sevices and book a site visit.

  • Great Instation

    From start to finsh we ensure a hassle & trouble free service. We can build and make up your displays on site or bring them fully made up ready for a quick and easy placement.

  • Top Notch Maintenance

    Just as you don't need to worry about planting schemes and placement you also do not need to worry about plant maintenance now that they are in place. We can take care of this for you.

We're Environmentally Friendly


Where possible we always use recyclable planters, recycle plastic, refurbishment of containers.


We limit the use of paper, energy/fuel without compromise to our customers


We always use Peat Free Soil and offer Hydro-Culture Planting


We use pest control methods without the need of harsh chemicals.